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Here is a little background information about the photographer and how he got to this point.  With this short bio, you can hopefully become better connected to the digital imagery on display.

For starters, the prefix “rvl” corresponds to the initials of this website’s photographer:  Reginald Vincent Lualhati – a mouthful, no doubt.  He goes by Reggie, but he has always said that Reginald looks better in print.

Reggie has taken quite the circuitous route to photography.  His earliest memories of photography began with the Tomy Snappy Shots.

Tomy-Snappy-Shots-8_171x130The kid wets the sponge with water and clicks the plastic shutter.  The camera would then magically crank out an “image” onto a piece of plastic that simulated a Polaroid.  Pretty cool for an 80’s toy if you think about it.

polaroid-camera-photo-8_144x122And who can forget the real Polaroid – the instant gratification phenomenon? To this day, he can still smell the weird/enjoyable odor of a fresh pack of Polaroid film.  That’s not nostalgia – it’s the toxic chemicals still lingering in the air and in his nose over the years.

As he got older, Reggie’s curiosity for photography piqued with his dad’s own personal interest in the hobby.  Reggie has vivid memories of his dad’s Canon AE-1 35mm SLR film camera – taking pictures of family vacations in Florida, holidays, school plays, and awkward poses of his embarrassed teenaged siblings and their prom dates.

CANON AE-1-8_186x130Oddly enough, Reggie never seriously recorded any images with a camera throughout high school and college.  He could recall framing pictures in his mind and saying, “that’d be a cool picture” –but rarely did anything about it.  For the most part, he would just take point-and-shoot pictures of nights out with friends or the occasional landscape vacation photo.

It wasn’t until Reggie was 25 years old that he dug out his dad’s old SLR out of storage to take it on a West Coast vacation to watch his beloved Chicago Cubs play the San Diego Padres.  He had the strong desire to take zoomed-in, action shots of his favorite baseball team.  He thought to himself, “This can’t be that hard.  Just click the button…just like your childhood toy!”  Ignorance truly was bliss.

It was 2005 and film cameras were basically obsolete.  Not to mention the fact that he had no idea how to even use all the dials and levers of an SLR camera.  Needless to say, after running around the Gas Light District of San Diego to get the film developed, the images were at best a blurry, poorly exposed waste of money.

After that disappointing SLR film experience, it took another 4 years for the interest to resurface.  In 2009, Reggie got his hands on one of those new-fangled digital SLR cameras.  It was the great entry-level Nikon D60 DSLR package with kit lens.

Nikon-DSLR-D60-8_173x146That camera was the catalyst to full-blown photography obsession.  From that point, books were read, classes were taken, and equipment was purchased – hundreds of pictures ensued.  Then Photoshop was studied, more classes were taken and art shows took place – thousands of pictures followed.

Reggie’s next move is to step into the full-frame world.  He wants to to be able to produce higher quality prints with increased control of depth of field, larger sizes, improved sharpness, and smoother colors.

Today, photography has become a great artistic outlet for Reggie in an otherwise mathematical and structured daily life of a mechanical engineer.  It’s a fulfilling profession but everyone needs a hobby.

So with this story, a passion was discovered.  Reggie looks at the world differently and is proud to express his perspective through his images. This hobby has become a source of energy, purpose and inspiration.

And with that passion, we are thrilled to present to you rvlphotographs.com.

Thanks for visiting!!

All of this would not be possible if not for the support of friends and family.  If it was not for everyone’s encouragement, rvlphotographs as a website and an entity would not even exist.

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  1. Liza Rosario April 22, 2014 at 11:37 pm #

    Great photos!

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